About Us


Founded over a decade ago, Avenair Mountian Cabins offer accommodation to guests visiting for a vacation. It’s available for rental both in the summer and winter months throughout the year.
We offer everything you need to enjoy staying in our cabins. Make the most of this one-of-a-kind opportunity. We offer peace and tranquility at our cabins, in a quiet and serene environment; you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated all the time.
Studies reveal that over 35% of American families take vacations every year. This shows that hotels are likely to be noisy, crammed with guests, and overwhelming for visitors looking to relax.
This is where Avenair Mountain Cabins come in to offer the peace and quietness you need to relax during your vacations. Our property is hidden from busy highways and roads to provide the tranquil environment you need.

At our private cabins, you’re guaranteed quiet nights for peaceful nights of sleep without disturbances. Instead of noisy neighbors and parking lot views, our cabins offer amazing views of woods, mountains, and wildlife.
Surrounded by beautiful sceneries, Avenair Mountain Cabins provide breathtaking views. The picturesque surroundings look attractive both at night and during the day. You don’t just enjoy the view of the mountains, but can also watch the stars and other planets in the sky at night.
Our cabins provide a perfect spot for taking pictures with the smoky mountains as your backdrop, from the balcony. Relaxing in the natural environment allows you to indulge in bird watching and enjoy the cool breeze from the high mountains.

What’s more, you can go hiking or for walks along the trails within the vicinity of the cabins. This is a great way to explore the natural environment during your stay with us.
At Avenair Mountain Cabins, we understand the essence of privacy and space for all our guests. We provide large spaces in our cabins to accommodate the needs of different guests. This is unlike hotel rooms that keep getting smaller for easier maintenance and cheaper costs of construction.
Hotels focus on eliminating “redundant” furniture to create minimalist rooms with more spaces for walking around. Technology plays a great role in reducing hotel room sizes. They offer deluxe, suite style and apartment-style rooms for guests with the need for additional space, adding up on costs.
On the converse, we offer spacious rooms in our cabins with lots of space for individual guests or families on vacation. With the varied cabin sizes and styles, we’re able to offer each guest budget-friendly stays for longer vacations.
Whether you’re a large team organizing a retreat or reunion, or a small family, we offer studio style rooms to multiple bedrooms to meet your unique needs. What’s more, you get a chance to mingle, relax and spend time together when vacationing as a family or group.
Unlike hotels that only offer you enough space to sleep, we provide enough room for relaxing and roaming around the cabins when indoors. You can do lots more in our cabins than simply sleep on the bed.


The mission of Avenair Mountain Cabins is to provide luxury, clean and private accommodation for guests looking for more than what hotels have to offer.


Our vision is to be a leader in destination travel when it comes to private accommodation. We aim at growing our business and winning more guests from around the world.