Why North Georgia Mountains is Your Next Choice for A Vacation Trip

If you are looking for a quiet serene in the jungle as you look at towns from a high altitude, then your next vacation trip should be at the North Georgia Mountains. You will treat your eyes with natural scenery, alpine picturesque, and wild animal interaction, among other heart-thrilling activities. The mountains cover seven counties. Some of the activities you can enjoy in the area include :


  • Horseback riding
  • Nature trails
  • Mountain climbing
  • Fishing
  • Cultural festivals

Apart from the physical features, there is a lot that gives North Georgia Mountains your number one choice for a vacation spot.  Here are some of them.

State of the Art Accommodation Facilities


With the numerous activities and places to visits, a place you can rest at the end of the day is essential when on a visit to the North Georgia mountains. This is one place you can take a case study on what entails an accommodation facility for your vacation trip. The hotel’s location up the hills or down the valley gets you to enjoy the cold weather from your balcony. There is nothing you can lack while in this place. The hot showers, constant supply of electricity, unlimited WI-FI connection with stable internet connectivity, laundry services are some of the necessary facilities you will enjoy. They have various plans to suit your budget.


Family Outing Activities


North Georgia hotels are a pure definition of home away from home. The hotels provide an ambiance for all ages. You cannot miss what to do or where to go with the entire family within the mountains. The short kid’s concentration span is taken care of by some of the activities within the accommodation facilities or in the tourist attraction sites. Nature trails, for example, are an excellent activity to teach your children about the physical environment.

They get a glimpse of the wild animals in real life as they relate to what they see on television or the internet. Similarly, they get to ask curiosity questions and learn in the process.

Diversity in Natural Habitat for Research


Environmentalists, marine specialists, and nature-related personnel have unlimited research topics from their visit. The diverse flora and fauna play two roles. First, they treat your eyes to beautiful sceneries, like the butterflies of all colors. Secondly, they give you a lot of information that helps you with your research or thesis statements. 

You get to have a one-on-one experience with their way of life from the natural habitat rather than relying on books.

Chattahoochee National Forest


Are you tired of the busy city life, pollution, and congested residential facilities? If you find yourself in the United States, then drive straight to the North Georgia Mountains and enjoy what Chattahoochee National Forest offers. You get to interact with nature which comes with lots of benefits for your physical and emotional health. The many picnic sites are crucial for the relaxation of your body and mind. You can also explore the picnic sites, interact with the monkeys, have an experience of different weather as well as sleep in the hotels deep in the forest.

You will enjoy bonfires, thrilling sounds of animals and birds, watch the sunrise and sunset from the horizon in a hearth- fulfilling environment.


A Place for Cultural Exchange


If you are a lover of history and culture, then you are in the right place. The eastern side of the mountains welcomes you to some of the artifacts that the Cherokee community used in their stay in the mountains. They are believed to be the settlers from Europe. Treat yourself with things that the forefathers used to use in their stay in the mountains.

You get to have a first-hand experience with some of the traditional culinary skills which the hotels embrace to give you a touch of culture. There are several historic sites and museums with guides which explain in detail the way of life of the European settlers.

The craft industry in Helen Arts and Heritage Center is a must-visit for all your historical and cultural information.

Urban Life


With so much information on the forests, valley, and mountains; these three towns border the hills for that dreaded shopping experience associated with vacation. Ellijay, Blairsville, and Blue Ridge are must-go towns. They get to give you town life as well as a fun nightlife when you want a change from the mountainous environment. Despite the hype on this tourist destination, it’s essential to consider the time of visit depending on what you want to experience. 

The summer gives you the view of melting glaciers and hot weather while the winter months treat you to the Alpine climate. 

Any of the times comes with specific activities in line with the prevailing weather conditions.