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Pickin’ In The Park® FREE!!

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Traditionally, “Pickins” are a regular place and time where musicians can come together and spontaneously and informally play music together in various jam sessions spread out across a venue. “Pickins” can be found in many small towns and rural communities up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are free to all comers.

In many communities, there is a rich tradition of Bluegrass and Oldtime Appalachian music, so those musicians for will attend for sure.You can limit Pickin’ In The Park® to one genre of music or open it to all genres such as Bluegrass, Oldtime, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Gospel, Reggae, Classical, Barber Shop, etc. All of these types of musicians are encouraged to attend and even mix their music styles if the “chord” strikes. Just make sure you keep it acoustic and keep attendance free to musicians and listeners..

Pickin’ In The Park® is not performance oriented and it is FREE to everyone. Let us say it again. No performances. Musicians understand the concept of jamming. Professionals and beginners look for opportunities to meet other musicians, experiment with new licks, and network for gigs. If your aim is to "make money" then Pickin' In The Park® is not for you

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